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Hi, I’m Torrin Minutillo. It took me decades to create a thriving 7-figure business which now operates without me, and I’m now passionate about helping entrepreneurial leaders make this transition without having to tread in the same potholes.

While most business coaching is focused on short term strategies, tactics and online tools, my approach leverages the science of neuropsychology and my Pentagon Business Transformation Framework so you can finally harvest all your efforts and enjoy a better lifestyle faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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I’m Making Good Profit But My Work Life Balance Sucks

• You work the longest hours
• Can’t trust staff to run the show
• The wheels fall off if you’re not there
• Miss the kids weekend sports
• Have too many roles in your biz

I’m Making Good Turnover, But There’s Not Enough Profit

• Pay yourself last
• Tight margins
• Never see your family – always working
• No surplus cash for pay rises/holidays
• Competition keeps your margins down

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The 2 Most Common ‘Stuck’ Scenarios For Established Businesses


I’m Making Good Profit But My Work Life Balance Sucks

You’re already making good money, are able to provide well to those you love and are probably admired by those in your inner circle for the success you’ve achieved.

However, you’re first to work, last to leave, have no time for the kids sport on the weekends and your partner is quietly (or not so quietly) wondering when you will have the lifestyle you promised and be able to take a holiday for the first time in years!

If this is you, there is a unique set of blocks and challenges you need to unlock in order to reach the time freedom to live life on your terms.


I’m Making Good Turnover,
But There’s Not Enough Profit

It’s a painful place where I spent many sleepless nights. You’re working around the clock to generate solid revenue, but your margins are so tight you can’t afford to pay your staff what they’re worth (let alone hire any more to help with workload) so you work harder hoping as your turnover grows eventually you’ll generate more income.

Your family is suffering, you haven’t taken a holiday in years and no matter how hard you work it never seems to get better. Without a clear path out you are doomed to be trapped on this treadmill forever.

The good news is there is a specific process to follow to work your way out of this trap, turn your business around and achieve the success you always knew was possible.

Move From Confused & Overwhelmed to Inspired and Certain With My Pentagon Business Transformation Framework

Pentagon Transformation Framework Updated Logo-resized

Pentagon Business Transformation Framework 5 Steps Process


“I wish I had done this 5
or even 10 years ago”

- Brett Hall Owner, Metro Marble & Granite

“75% increase in turnover in 18 short months with a whopping 40% increase in average sale value”

- Andrew Booth, Owner ABBC Building Inspectors

“Just 1 year in and we’ve never been in a better, clearer space - and I’ve never been stronger and more effective”

- Reg Boston Managing Director, Bellagio Homes

“I had reached a point of growth where I felt I couldn’t break through to the next level”

- Joel Dimasi Owner, Nu Vision Painting Service


Torrin has transformed his own Commercial Property business to achieve amazing results and he has the ability to impart that intelligence into me and my business. He has a no bull attitude and he is a straight shooter. I must say that I found his teaching to be very powerful and I have been able to get absolute clarity in my business. I now know where the hidden money is in my business. I’m glad I have found it!

Steve G

Commercial Insurance Brokers

After only a few sessions I was more aware of my behaviours and have made a few small tweaks that have helped me become more productive, more positive & I have built my confidence to engage & relate more effectively with my peers, colleagues friends and family. This has happened in such short space of time. If you are looking at improving yourself or your business I highly endorse working with Torrin from Attergy.

Fabio M

Internet Marketing

Torrin presents in a personable but professional manner hitting the important considerations for business growth in areas you may overlook in the general day to day operations of your business. After each session I have come out with new or refreshed ideas and I apply these ideas in my working day. The positive mindset stays with you and the benefits you get are brilliant in many ways – book a session and you will see why! I would recommend Attergy to anyone who is in business.

Andrew S

Air – Conditioning & Appliance Services

Working with Torrin has enabled me to gain clarity on what I want to achieve and how to go about working towards those goals. A monthly “check-in” with a group of like-minded people and absorbing Torrin’s words of wisdom, really helps me keep my focus in check.

Karen W

Certified Bookkeeper

Business Coaching & Coaching Systems | Attergy | 0417171164

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