Is it the truth or your conditioning?

In almost all cases of people I get to help in building a better business life they have already come to a conclusion that the current state/situation is not serving them to get to their desired outcomes. From this point they have decided they want to get to a better place.

That could be through frustration of not being able to get to a level they think they should be at or simply want to get more of what they already have but have found they are working up against a line of complexity that is stopping them.

What I found is that in most cases, it’s helping to break through these lines of complexity that has been created by their own growth.

The interesting thing is that the conditioning that has created the current state wherever it is in the spectrum of bad, average or ok, is the same conditioning that doesn’t allow them to see and believe they need help to grow through the line of complexity they are working up against.

Can you rely on your current conditioning which has got you to your current state to give you the truth about where you need to go?

Everything you have now has come from the decisions you have made, the things you have experienced and how you have interpreted them which has become your conditioning. The reaction to the situation at hand by your conditioning has created your current state, mostly sub consciously.

If you are struggling to understand this, think about it this way. If your reaction to your situations was through a different conditioning, you would have a different current state to what you have now.

So, everything you are considering from this point forward you are aiming it to be the true path forward based on your best judgement. Is it the true pathway that you believe you are taking or is it your conditioning that is driving your decisions?

Its worth you are asking yourself this question regularly.

In the basic structure of coaching, I look at the triangle method. In fact, it’s an upside-down triangle. So, imagine an upside-down triangle, the top left-hand point being self-awareness of where you are right now and how you got there. When ever you want to understand where you are, you need to look backwards. Looking forwards won’t tell you about how you got to where you are and before you can look forward to where you want to go, you need to know exactly your starting point.  How you got to where you are has a lot to do with your conditioning.

The right-hand side of the upside-down triangle is what needs to change and what is the alternate mindset that is required to push through the obstacles you have created…at the bottom of the triangle is the implementation plan of what to do to create the outcomes you have decided you want.

So ask your self before you go directly to the implementation phase, is the decision you are about to make or conclusion you have come to as a pathway forward based on what you believe to be true or is it based on the old conditioning you have created?

If the conditioning has got you to a place that is not serving you maybe making judgements about the path forward from that current conditioning is possibly keeping you in the same place.

This is where an objective view from someone that can help you see how you got to your current state will help you get the clarity of direction to where you need to go.

Don’t rely on your current conditioning to break through the lines of complexity you are facing in your business.

– Torrin (conditioning awareness) Minutillo

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