Want To Fast Track The Path To Catapult Your Sales Conversion and Ignite the Trajectory of your Business Life?

All your Prospects are hiding behind their Mask.

Getting in behind the Mask is the Key to Fast Connection and Sales.

Human Behaviour is Predictable When you Know What to Look For.


Presented Online Via Zoom

What is the secret to getting the Sale Done Quicker & More Efficiently?

What if there was a way that you could profile your prospect, then adapt your communication and get the result of deep trust in a very short space of time?

The kind of trust that immediately gives your prospect the feeling that you understand them better than everybody else.

They can’t put their finger on it, but they feel connected to you

Knowing how to do that is like having an X-ray of what your prospect is thinking and feeling, that only you get to see.

This is the New Knowledge I have been searching the globe for and have finally cracked it.

What Is The Neuroscience Telling Us?

Over the last 11 years, I have been obsessed with learning the engineering of human behaviour and in doing so have studied with some of the world experts in this field.

It was while becoming certified as a Neuro Change Practitioner that I discovered a science-based method on what is driving human behaviour and how to see the decision-making signs.

This is the Key to Connection that Converts Sales Faster.

My focus has been on how we apply what we can learn from the world of behavioural engineering and connect it with the business world to get an advantage in sales and conversion.

All that work has culminated in pulling together a 4-hour masterclass on connection and conversion designed to fast track your Sales and Business Growth

Fast Connection Builds Fast Trust...
Trust Is What Makes the Sale Effortless

When you understand the hidden determinants that are driving your prospects decision-making process you will slash the lead time of conversion and sale.

We know there is a big industry of marketers with strategies for getting you attention and supplying leads, but there is a gap in how to convert them.

We have been conditioned to believe a 20-30% conversion of your target market is a good result. That is just a belief that you have adopted. This new information will help you achieve 80% conversion of your ideal client when executed well.

Lead generation systems are pointless without a connection and conversion structure.

Your customers and clients all have different needs, but there is a framework you can follow to understand what their decision-making process is likely to be.

When you know that, you have the power they won’t be aware of. This unique learning experience will put you in the exclusive category  of less than 1% of people that know and practice these methods.

If you're wondering why you're not getting the conversion, you were convinced you would, this masterclass will reveal why and then what  to do about it to give you the advantage over your competitors.

There is Another Big Advantage to this Structure and probably one of the most important skills you can cultivate as a business owner.

It will quickly help you identify who are the people that are unlikely to be connected to your value proposition. This alone will save you a massive amount of time to allow you to focus on the people who are already predisposed to be connected to you.

If only you could fill your capacity with “A Class” clients…

Well, this structure will show you how.

This is for you if….

  • You're looking to increase your conversion rate to a ridiculously high level.
  • You're selling big-ticket items with a slow sales cycle.
  • You’re in the business of negotiating and looking to get the leading edge in influencing the deal. Perfect for Real Estate Agents
  • You’re sick of a high lead generation and low conversion rate and want to flip that around.
  • You’re looking to attract better quality clients that will lead you to a more efficient productive business that serves you better.
  • You want to build the confidence to hand pick the ideal client, so you are only dealing with “A Class” clients.
  • You’re looking for an efficient way to make more profit and sustainably scale your business.

Your business and sales life will thank you for years to come.

"Better connection is a pathway to better business"

Simply register your interest and we will share available dates and more information

“For Serious Business Owners & Sales Professionals
Looking to Uncover the Mystery of Fast
Connection & Conversion“

What will the “Online Ninja Connection and Conversion Masterclass” Cover?

  • What is really running our human experience? What is the new science telling us and how do we recognise it and take advantage of it to become a super sales converter?
  • The 4 Laws of human behaviour. This will make you see people in a different light forever and give you a pathway to a quicker deeper connection.
  • We are all built biologically for safety, this creates psychological needs. Knowing how to observe and align with these needs is like having an X-ray of your prospects' mind. This is a skill you will learn and its surprisingly easy to spot.
  • 6 Hot Buttons to learn and master that will let you know more about your prospect than they know. Includes recognising which of the 6 decision-making processes your prospect is following. This becomes obvious when you know about it.
  • 4 Simple body language observations that will change the game for you.
  • Discussion time to see how you can implement this ninja strategy practically in your world and workshop specific questions to your situation.
  • Takeaways that will help you make more money, faster.

Even if you only learn and implement a third of this information and strategies you will be in the top 1% in your field.

Each online masterclass will be limited to 8 people to give you maximum impact.

This is for serious business leaders and sales professionals that want to improve their skills and get ahead of the game.

Simply register your interest and we will share available dates and more information

Investment for this high-end exclusive Masterclass is $395.

Bonus - Valued at $220

After The Masterclass:

Over the following month of the Masterclass, attend 2 x Mastermind Sessions of 60 minutes to ask questions and review what you have learned and implemented.

Knowledge is not enough a process of implementation is what brings this to life. Discuss what you have learned and hear from others who are implementing the structure.                                  

Get coached through the situations you are facing.

This is a unique learning experience that your business and sales life will thank you for years to come.

Simply register your interest and we will share available dates and more information

“For Serious Business Owners & Sales Professionals
Looking to Uncover the Mystery of Fast
Connection & Conversion“

Torrin Minutillo - headshot

Meet Torrin the Presenter

I started my business journey in 1989 at the tender age of 24. The world of academia wasn’t for me, but I had a will and a determination to succeed, and I knew I loved business. It’s something about having control of your own destiny without limitation that caught my imagination.

This was a time before mobile phones and the internet…hard to imagine a world like that now with the information superhighway literally, in the palm of our hand. It was these early years building a business in the retail space that gave me a background on how to meet customer expectations and was a foundation to hold me in good stead for years to come.

Over the last 33 years I have placed my fingerprints on many business ventures. Buying and selling, starting some from scratch and ending some abruptly with many stories of success and failure along the way.

You could split up my business journey into 2 halves. The first 19 years leading up to the GFC (Global Financial Crisis of 2008) and then the 14 years after it.

I thought it was over for me, we nearly lost everything. After 19 years in business under my belt I was feeling “successful”. From the outside looking in, it would seem things were going well…. But the 2008 GFC nearly destroyed me…

The threat of losing our home broke my heart… as did the thought of having to uproot my 2 girls from school where they were thriving and bundle them down the road to another school. It was difficult realising my world was falling apart but worse, unbearable that I was causing the lives of my family to be disrupted through no fault of their own.

I pushed through the agonising sleepless nights, running on pure adrenaline, feeling disconnected from my work, and not knowing where the next mortgage payment was coming from while hustling to make ends meet.

I felt trapped, thinking do I give this all away and get a real job or do I persevere and try and make it through.

On reflection it was courage that got me through. Something I now value extremely high.

It took me 3 years to get back on my feet after losing a lot of money, equity, and confidence that I could make it work.

I now know that the GFC was the catalyst that helped me find a new pathway forward. It turned out that it wasn’t the 2008 GFC that nearly destroyed me but an external view of my business world…. I created.

Over the next few years, I was influenced to look inwardly for the answers to my business and personal challengers. I wanted to know how I got into that mess in the first place.

I became obsessed with finding out the answer to this burning question.

Why don’t we get what we say we want?

Since 2011 I have been looking deeper to find more sustainable answers to business growth problems by challenging myself to answer this question.

This led me to spending a lot of time studying the engineering of human behaviour and why we often don’t get the results we set out to achieve.

The more I learned the more I realised I didn’t know. I took on coaching, studied high performers, listened to experts from around the world and invested in myself at every opportunity my resources would allow.

As I implemented what I was learning the results started to flow and so I doubled down on it. The result was exponential growth in a systematic way that at a previous time, I didn’t believe was possible.

The big lesson was that looking exclusively externally will never get you to what you really want. It’s when you reflect internally to what is driving your behaviours and actions you become truly self-aware. Its then things change, and the magic happens.

I learned this from listening to the stories of high performers around the world and started to hear this was a common thread and my own evidence of transformation was convincing.

Throughout my journey, I discovered we are all a product of our positive & negative childhood experiences…

It’s the emotions from those events that drive us. It’s these feelings we are not paying attention to, that are delivering what we get.

We can either fight against them our entire life, and fall into unconscious cycles of self-sabotage and burnout that leads to unfulfilled dreams ...

Or harness that power to our advantage, to be calm within the storm, and make better decisions.

Make no mistake when we focus on our internal world…our external world shifts automatically.

Today I still have a successful real estate company I established in 2007 and with the help of a great team I only need to invest minimal hours per week …

I’m living the dream I always imagined, not trapped in doing too many roles in the business...

I learned to delegate and get to choose how much I do and don’t do and am free to pursue my true passion of helping business owners transition through the valleys on the ascent to their personal Everest.

I’m living proof, as business leaders, we don’t have to be at the mercy of the next looming storm, economic downturn, global crisis or recession…

And can get back in control of our vision to achieve the financial freedom which provides abundance for our loved ones.

My framework of helping others evolve centres around the foundational block of personal leadership. Self-reflection leads to self-awareness. When you understand yourself at depth the by product is we understand the people around us better and this creates connections that take us to our desired outcomes.

I have developed the skill to help people focus on these areas which have the biggest impact on what they say that want, but yet blind to it.

When I am not pursuing my purpose of helping other business leaders evolve themselves to who they need to become and veraciously learning about new ways of answering my burning question of “why don’t we get what we say we want”

I’m relaxing with my family and friends and being grateful for what I got.

My wife Tami, daughters Olivia and Claudia are the reasons I get inspired each day to make a difference to their lives and the lives of the people around us.

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