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Technological devices and financial document at workplace on background of three business partners discussing ideas

Building a business can be a lonely journey…if you choose to do it that way.

Having someone objectively looking into your business without the emotional attachment and objectivity to what you’re not able to see can be the difference that will put you on the right path.

I don’t believe there is one individual formula that you can take off the shelf and install into your business life that will give you the impact that you want….

But there is a formula to extracting what will work for you based on the position you are in now and what you want to achieve.

These days what breaks my heart is seeing so many incredible business owners with so much potential being duped into thinking the latest greatest strategy, tactic or online tool is what they need.

The challenge with introducing a surface level solution without considering the foundation to what has caused the current circumstances will lead to the reverting back to where you were when the obstacles inevitably appear again.

Often adding in useful strategic and tactical processes to a business that is suffering is like adding fuel to the fire.

It’s the sub-structure that holds everything up that need’s refinement and, in some cases, requires a complete overhaul.

That’s why my first step in my process is the deconstruction of the current position.

Here is my “Pentagon Business Transformation Framework”

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Move From Confused & Overwhelmed to Inspired and Certain With My Pentagon Business Transformation Framework

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Pentagon Business Transformation Framework 5 Steps Process

The roadmap of your success needs to be individually planned based on your starting point. What I have discovered is that we all have a different starting point based on the influences of our mental frameworks, our belief system, our value system, our experiences, and our conditioning. All these factors will cause us to be different to the next person, so having a generic program to follow can lead to frustration and become counterproductive to what you want to achieve.

Kick-starting that journey can often be the hardest part.

The objective is to transition you from where you are today to where you want to be and to give you the foundation to launch into the next phase of your business life.

I coach business leaders to think at a deeper level than the surface issues in a business. This is more of a collaborative mentorship, rather than something that is solely at a tactical consultant level.

Technological devices and financial document at workplace on background of three business partners discussing ideas

There are typically 5 stages that are growing business will move through and knowing what to focus on at the stage you are in is very important to making the progression.

One of the biggest invisible barriers to business growth is focusing on the wrong activity as a business leader for the stage you are in. Continually doing stage 1 and 2 activities when you are working through stage 3 will make it nearly impossible to progress and grow. This causes frustration gets you questioning why you have reached a ceiling in revenue and profit.

The surface problems that show up are …

  • not enough time in the day to get all things done…
  • cash flow problems not allowing you to pay your bills on time…
  • lack of a consistent flow of clients or customers…
  • or simply not getting control of where your business is heading…

These are all signs that the business has outgrown who you have become.

I help business leaders through these 5 core deliverables, helping them on the way to becoming an elite business.

Taking control of your business

by getting clarity to achieve the Vision you have set.

Learning what it takes to become a leader

of yourself and your team inspiring them to achieve for you.

Provide a structure and model

to work through struggle times when they arrive.

Advancing to a high-performance operating system

The aim to maximise the reward for the effort you are giving.

Show you what are the hidden determinants

that is slowing down the growth of your business and your personal growth.

This is not a cookie cutter approach as all business leaders are on a different journey at different stages.

It’s about meeting you at the stage you’re at and then building a pathway together using core principles of business and personal growth.

Meaning that your business cannot continue to grow unless you grow as a person.

Whether you’re looking to grow sales and income, build better profits, work less while getting better results or simply looking to build on current success…. Either way you’ll find applying the principles of Attergy Coaching Systems that are specific to your needs will give you Clarity, Certainty and deliver your desired outcomes in a Consistent way.

You don’t just ‘get the program’. You get the support and guidance to make this transformation sustainable.

I don’t believe in locked in long term coaching programs and so we can embark on a month-to-month process that works best for you. Having said that I believe you would need to commit to at least a 90-day process which I will map out for you once we have done a Reboot Strategy Session.


I am very confident that when you see what is achievable and you start making progress quickly you will be committed to doing the work required to achieve your desired outcome.

That’s what gets me up in the morning…

Helping everyday business owners, caught in the struggles of their business.

  • Harness their raw internal power
  • Remove the spinning “worry plate” in their head
  • Become clear on their long-term vision and direction
  • Provide clarity and certainty on a consistent pathway to achieve their ultimate potential

I would be honoured to guide you on this journey.

Everything starts with a conversation with absolutely no obligation.

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